Building our team for 2022

With life slowly getting back to normal following Covid-19
Black Raven Pipe Band has commenced planning for the competition season of 2022. Invigorated by success in the competition arena during the 2019 Pipe Band Season and an influx of new playing members adding to our Pipe and Drum Corps, Black Raven Pipe Band has set its sights on great things for the coming 2022 season
We are currently recruiting Pipers and Drummers into the band. We aim to provide instruction and musical direction to support players at all levels to enhance their existing musical ability in order to become a cohesive member of the Band ready to play in the competition next season. Outdoor practice sessions have resumed on Monday evenings from 7.30pm. Social distancing protocols are in place for the safety of our members.
Are you a Piper or Drummer interested in joining our Band?
Take the first step and join us at our practice sessions in preparation for the 2022 season or e-mail or contact Seamus on 087 262 1312
Black Raven Pipe Band has also been operating its School of Music since 2013 which has seen some of the young students play with the band at competition level – a trend we intend to continue in the interest of the future of the Band.
All interested students, age 7 upwards (no one too old!), contact us on email or contact Seamus on 087 262 1312